Meet Schedule

grand prix meets 2015

Meet schedule 2015

Swim Meet Schedule
Day Date Meet Location Warm-up/Start
Sunday 10/26/2014 10 and under Relay Carnival* Ossining 8:30/9:15
Sunday 11/9/2014 JCC Scarsdale Home 1:30/2:00
Sunday 11/16/2014 Greenwich Boys and Girls Club Home 1:30/2:00
Saturday 12/13/2014 Ossining Ossining 8:00/8:30
Sunday 01/04/2015 Distance Meet * Yonkers Rec 8:00/9:00
Friday 01/09/2015 Harrison Home 6:00/6:30
Sunday 01/25/2015 JCC Manhattan AWAY-TBA AM-TBA
Sunday 02/01/2015 Yonkers Rec Home 1:30/2:00
Sunday 02/08/2015 Tarrytown YMCA Home 1:30/2:00
Mon-Sun 2/23-3/1/2015 WFSL Championships – Finals* Yonkers Rec TBA
Fri,Sat, Sun 3/20-22/2015 YMCA State Championships * Long Island TBA

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